Astra In a nutshell

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minifesto & links

Thereare so many 5-star Astra Theme reviews out there already, and they all say the same. It’s fast, very easy to use and the ideal solution for any type of website. From one page funnel to a full blown ecommerce site. It can handle it all and adds support for very specific plugins like WooCommerce, LifterLMS, LearnPres and more. 

What more can say? Well.. not mentioned often but VERY IMPORTANT to me: it SAVES you a TON of TIME.

Ps. Yes I created this page to enter a raffle. Yes I use affiliate links (non-profit though). No, I’m not being positive about Astra for those reasons. Please read this:

I took the time to create this page simply because I actually love to do so. Because I truly believe Astra (and the awesome Brainstorm Force team) is worth it. Any doubts? Ask me anything!

All that really matters is how YOU like it. If it fits YOUR needs. So instead of writing a long review -there are so many already- I’m keeping it short by simply by asking: “What you YOU really want to know about it”. I will answer as objectively as possible.